Introduction to Architecture Illustrations 

A well curated, beginner friendly workshop to enhance your photoshop and architectural graphics skills!

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What will i learn?

Site Plan Render 

Upon mastering the fundamental skills of Photoshop, you will delve into the workflow for rendering site plans.

Floor Plan

In this module, learn how to add textures, shadows to the floor plan and make it more realistic just in few steps!

Architecture Animation (Bonus)

Mastering Photoshop Animation is a distinctive skill that can elevate your presentations by incorporating dynamic diagrams, making them truly stand out! 

Axonometric Diagrams

Generate a diverse range of axonometric diagrams crucial for architectural presentation. Easy and step by step guidance on creating these diagrams.


Content covered in the workshop

Your mentor.

Shweta Hingane 

04 Yrs






Architect | Urban Planner | Illustrator

Shweta is an Architect and Urban Planner from CEPT University, India specializing in design communication and is passionate about Architectural Illustrations, Motion Graphics and graphical representations which is showcased through her educational platform ‘The.Archart’ on Instagram. She has a remarkable hold on Photoshop, After Effects and Adobe suite. Shweta has worked with renowned firms like CCBA, Pune and HCP Design, Planning and Management, Ahmedabad.

Bonus Resources 

More than just a tutorial! We've incorporated a dynamic resource library to elevate your workflow and add an intriguing dimension to your drawings!


high quality PNGs

vector icons

textured backgrounds

free mockups

links to more freebies

Before - After

Acquire the step-by-step process for crafting these breathtaking drawings through this Architecture Illustration Workshop

Software you need

No Prior Knowledge Required


Is the course self-paced?

The course is designed with video lessons as step-by-step tutorials, allowing you to follow along at your preferred pace. You have the flexibility to re-watch the lessons as many times as needed and fit them into your work/study schedule.

 Is it available lifetime?

Absolutely! Lifetime access ensures you can revisit the content whenever you want. You can re-watch, access the resource library and go back to tutorials anytime you want. 

I know basic photoshop, Can I join?

Absolutely! The course is structured to encompass both fundamental and advanced tools. It delves into various new tips and tricks that are shared to enhance and expedite your workflow.

Who All can enroll?

Students, Architects, Interior Designers, Urban Planner, Urban Designer, Graphic Designers and if you want to experiment with graphical illustrations! It's open for all who wants to enhance their photoshop skills. 

Is there a certification upon completion of the course?

Certainly! Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certification, validating your achievement and newly acquired skills in architecture illustrations from TheArchart. You can add that in your resume/CV as well. 

What if I get any doubts, how can I contact instructor? 

If you have any doubts, you can easily contact the instructor through the Instagram, email or through our community channel ensuring prompt assistance and clarification.

if you have any other questions, please contact us


Hear from our students!

It was great experience, I learned tons of new things. I saw few tutorials on youtube like you've taught us, but they didn't exactly explain like what and when to use those tools for our project especially in Architecture illustration and not to mention, it's not interactive so we can't ask about the part we get confused about or even ask for another examples. Thank you so much for the everything you've shared for us, I hope I get to be in your workshops again in the future!

by Kenzino, Indonesia

Photoshop Animation was the best part! Very Helpful tutorials! I had a dreadful fear of not being good at photoshop, although your techniques and ease of explanation made it look so easy to use. I would love to learn more from you.

by Ashmili Jadhav, India

Shweta taught me everything on photoshop right from the basics. I’m feeling short of words to express the exceptional effort that Shweta put to teach me. I really appreciate the way she interacted with me and the way she explained each and everything in photoshop. She made learning photoshop so simple, interesting and effortless for me. With Shweta’s guidance, I developed not only software skills but also my designing skills because we experimented with a lot of color combinations, backgrounds and many more aspects of design. Moreover, she was highly professional in teaching and was always on time for all the sessions. Overall, it was a wonderful experience to work with Shweta and I highly recommend getting in touch with her if you want to make amazing architectural illustrations

by Nithya, USA

I tried to learn photoshop before but was not quite successful as I needed architectural context to learn. You provided the perfect use of tools as per architecture perspective so I was able to learn quickly and clearly. I love the content of this course training, it was so interesting. Very informative for both beginner and advance level learners.  Going through photoshop with new techniques before i didn't know. Thank You so much for curating this workshop. 

by Zeniyal, UK

Immensely skilled, Shweta holds nothing back! She clearly presents the rationale and techniques appropriate for a wide variety of visualizations. Overall, a terrific learning experience!

by Jeffrey Stroh, USA

I really appreciate the time and effort you took teaching us these skills! Your tutorials are very easy to follow, your instructions were clear, and thank you for being so patient and willing to explain whenever we didn’t understand. Photoshop has always been intimidating for me to try, but I’ve definitely become more confident after only 3 days of following your lessons. Thanks once again!

by Nkonde, China

I came across Shweta's IG page and just fell in love with her material. So when I saw this course would be available, I immediately contacted her. The workshop was amazing and helpful. Shweta was very attentive to our questions, always making sure we were following her explanation. I feel like now I'm able to produce images on my own and also adapting them to my own style. I'm very thankful and looking forward to future workshops from her. 

by Gustavo, Brazil

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