About Me : Shweta Hingane

An architect and urban planner, proudly holding a degree from CEPT University in India, with a dynamic career unfolding over 4 years. My professional journey delves into the vibrant realms of architecture and urban planning, where I've gathered expertise in graphic communication. Serving as an urban planner with the State Government of Maharashtra, I've actively contributed to transformative city planning initiatives. Moreover, my skills have been valued in renowned architectural firms like HCP Design, Planning, and Management, and Christopher Charles Benninger Architects (CCBA).

My mission is to empower both students and professionals, guiding them to elevate their design narratives. Drawing from my experience as a seasoned practitioner, I understand the challenges posed by software and the crucial role of a stellar portfolio. Navigating the intricate realms of architecture and urban planning, I've honed a specialized skill set in graphic communication. Join me in this digital space, where I share invaluable tips and tricks, focusing on refining graphic skills to convey ideas seamlessly. Together, let's unlock the potential of your portfolio, bridging the gap between creativity and technology for a confident and impactful design journey.

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